Our Policies

Scheduling & Last Minute Requests

For Pet Sitting services, we strongly suggest a minimum 72-hour notice as our schedule tends to book up especially around holidays. Please request any dates and times you’ll need our help via the Time to Pet app.

For Dog Walking and Puppy Care services, we ask that you please request services via Time to Pet no later than Thursday the week prior if your pet is not on a recurring schedule. We will try our best to accommodate last minute requests once the week has begun, however our schedule books up by Friday the week prior and we cannot guarantee we will be available around your desired time if booked late.

Last Minute/Same Day bookings received after 4pm the day prior are subject to a $12 fee. Since our office is closed on the weekend, if the request is received after 4pm on Friday for the following Monday, it will be treated as a same day request.

We understand that life happens and we will do our very best to accommodate you if something comes up last minute!


Dog Walking and Puppy Care: If you need to cancel your service request, please provide us with 1-day notice. If a visit is cancelled by 4pm the day prior (close of business day), your account will be credited for the unused walk. If cancelled after 4pm the day prior, the full fee of the visit will apply. For Monday cancellations, the cancellation must be received by Friday at 4pm the week prior, otherwise it will be treated as a same-day cancellation and the full visit fee will apply. See the “Holidays” section for information regarding holiday cancellations.

Pet Sitting, Pet Taxi and Additional Pet Care Services: If you need to cancel your service request before care begins, please provide us with a 24-hour notice for all services and we will provide a full refund and/or credit. If cancelled same day, a $25.00 fee will be assessed, or the cost of one visit, whichever is higher. If services are cancelled mid-vacation (i.e. coming home early), we cannot provide a refund for care that has already begun since we reserved that time specifically for your pet(s) and cannot resell that time.

See the “Holidays” section for information regarding holiday cancellations.


We provide services on all holidays, however we encourage all of our clients to book far in advance as we book up quickly. The following holidays in 2019 will include a $8.00 fee per visit:

  • New Years Eve & New Years Day (12/31 and 1/1)

  • Easter Weekend (Friday-Monday)

  • Memorial Day Weekend (Friday-Monday)

  • 4th of July Weekend (Thursday-Sunday)

  • Labor Day Weekend (Friday-Monday)

  • Thanksgiving Weekend (Thursday-Sunday)

  • Holiday Break (12/21-12/30)

By default, regular dog walks are not scheduled during holiday periods, but we are generally able to accommodate as long as they are requested well in advance!

Due to the nature of holiday bookings, we require a 7 day notice for all pet sitting cancellations. For cancellations less than 7 days before the first day of care, a $50.00 fee will be assessed. 


We accept credit and debit cards as forms of payment. All payments are facilitated through our pet sitting management software, Time to Pet. 

Payment is due at the time of service for Pet Sitting, Pet Taxi & Additional Pet Care Services. We will send you an invoice prior to the scheduled visits, and we expect payment before or at the time of the first visit.

Payment is due on Wednesdays of each week for Dog Walking and Puppy Care. Since weeks may vary depending on your schedule, we will bill you on Tuesdays and payment is due on Wednesdays when we run all credit cards for the week. If a last minute cancellation occurs after payment, we will credit your City of Paws account for the next time you need us as long as the cancellation is made prior to 9am the day of.


Key Policies

For Dog Walking clients, we require TWO (2) set of keys: one key is the primary set used by your sitter to enter your home, while the second set is a backup that remains in a locked safe at our office. If you cannot provide us with TWO (2) sets of keys during the initial meet and greet, you may drop them off in our mailbox before the first visit or we can pick them up for $15.00.

For Pet Sitting clients, we utilize lockboxes. You can purchase a lockbox from us for $20.00 (yours to keep) or you may provide your own. Your key will be placed in the lockbox and the lockbox will be left on/near the door we’ll be using to enter your home. Each visit the sitter will use your key and then return it to the box when leaving. We ask that your emergency contact(s) also hold a key, in case there is a malfunction with the lockbox or set of keys. Pet Sitting clients that live in apartments or condos are exempted from using lockboxes and we will instead require 2 sets of keys to hold onto.

If not using a lockbox: If you are unable to provide us with two sets of keys and are unable to drop them off at our mailbox, we will apply a $15.00 key pick up fee to your first booking.


Full List of Policies

This page displays our core policies that you should be aware of. For a full list of our policies, please request a copy of our Pet Care Agreement. You will receive the agreement in person during the meet and greet, and will also have an opportunity to review and sign the agreement when activating your account on our pet sitting management software, Time to Pet.